Shipping Details


 Shipping - updated 1/14/24

Shipping is a flat rate of $4 or Free over $100.  

Shipping generally takes 1-4 days, orders with Free Shipping may take an extra day or 2.  This is all subject to the post office and is out of my control.  Please contact your post office for lost or late packages.  

**Please make sure your shipping address is correct.  As of 8/25/17, all orders that are returned to sender from a customer mistake on the address will be charged a shipping fee to ship out again.  Shipping starts at $5.  Larger orders may be additional cost.  If a refund is requested, the shipping fee will be held from the refund.**

If your package becomes delayed, the best thing to do is contact your local post office to have them start a search on it.  Packages that show delivered are the customers responsibility to make sure they have arrived.  Bertopia Geckos is not held liable for stolen, misplaced packages.



By purchasing a gecko from me you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions.




A gecko will be held for 20% of the purchase price.  A deposit needs to be sent over before gecko is considered on hold.  Any payments toward holding a gecko is non-refundable, but is transferable to another gecko.  Geckos placed on hold will be held until temperatures reach between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Payment Plans


Payment plans are available for geckos over $200.  Payment arrangements will be on a case by case basis agreed upon in writing by both parties.  If payment is made and I am unable to contact you to arrange shipment or for your next payment in a considerable amount of time, two weeks will be given for response.  After that time the gecko is considered abandoned and will be placed for sale again, payment will not be returned for abandoned geckos.


Payment Options


Payment options include cash, Venmo, PayPal, bank transfers and/or credit cards.  Please be aware that no geckos will be shipped until payment clears.




I am only able to ship in the 48 states.  I can ship internationally if you have an exporter.  Shipping charges are always in addition to the sale price and paid for by the buyer.  Shipping charges are a flat $70.oo.  FedEx will be used and I will only ship over night. Please remember, I will not ship a gecko if temperatures on either end or at any hubs that the gecko will be held at are not appropriate for the health of the gecko.  Temps need to be between 40-80 degrees for me to guarantee a live arrival.  You must be available to receive your gecko. If you are not available and the gecko is left unattended all health guarantees are null and void.  I will only ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays.  Thursday shipping may be possible, contact me for details.  This is to avoid a gecko being left at a hub all weekend in the event that the carrier is late or “loses” the package. Heat and cold packs will be added upon my discretion based on weather conditions.  I am willing to meet up if you are local, please send me an email at


Health Guarantee


All geckos sold by Bertopia Geckos come with a 7 day health guarantee.  You are responsible to contact me via phone, email, or text to let me know that you received your gecko and the condition of the gecko upon arrival.  If you do not contact me within 1 hour of arrival all health guarantees are null and void.  If your gecko becomes ill or dies within 7 days, we will offer a replacement gecko of similar quality and price in exchange, or offer a credit for purchase of a gecko at Bertopia Geckos.  Proof of illness or death is required.  This health guarantee does not cover injury sustained after arrival, such as injury sustained from other pets, tail loss, burns from inappropriate enclosure, etc. Please keep cats out of gecko rooms, they are responsible for many gecko deaths.  Tail loss during shipment is not covered, shipping can cause stress which may lead to tail loss.  Bertopia Geckos is not responsible for delays by the carrier or other issues caused by carrier.  Feeding baby food voids all health guarantees, please see my care sheet for proper diet.




All geckos sold as Male or Female are guaranteed to be those sexes.  All geckos sold as Probable Male or Probable Female are not guaranteed as they are my best guess as a breeder based on pore visibility at a given weight.